The Best Music Museums in the World

Eric Dalius
3 min readNov 11, 2022


Music is not all that different from art and deserves its place in museums. A music museum is a museum that exhibits collections based on musical culture. This can include anything from old records, the instruments that certain musicians used, old band memorabilia, and so much more.

As a true lover of music, it would be amazing to visit some of the best music museums in the world and be able to carry out what might almost be considered a pilgrimage to music.

Here are 5 of the best music museums that are well worth the visit:

1. The Beatles Story (Liverpool, UK)

For everything to do with the lives of the Beatles, the music they made, and the culture they created, The Beatles Story is the music museum to visit. The Beatles Story is actually one of the top tourist destinations in Liverpool, with people from all over the world visiting it. The museum offer’s its patrons an immersive experience of how the band rose to fame and holds special exhibits about different periods in the lives of band members.

2. ABBA: The Museum (Stockholm, Sweden)

ABBA will always hold a special place in any pop lover’s heart. As such, Stockholm, the city of pop, is the perfect place for the ABBA-dedicated music museum. Whether you’re interested in checking out the band’s wardrobe from their Eurovision performance, dancing and performing alongside a projection of the band, or doing a little karaoke audition, ABBA: The Museum is the place to be.

3. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, Ohio, US)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the place to be for all things rock and roll. Comprising seven floors filled with rock music memorabilia and four incredible theatres, the museum holds several exhibits on the lives and careers of different rock musicians such as Def Leppard and Robert Johnson.

4. Bob Marley Museum (Kingston, Jamaica)

Known as the best reggae musician in the world, it would only make sense that Bob Markey has a music museum dedicated to his life and career. You can visit the Jamaica museum to look at many of the artifacts from the musician’s home, as well as many of his costumes.

5. Graceland (Memphis, Tennessee, US)

Graceland, now a museum, was formerly the home of musical royalty Elvis Presley. The multi-million-dollar mansion has eight bedrooms as well as a Jungle Room and a stunning waterfall attraction. In 2017, the museum was expanded to also include the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum and Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum.

These were only the top 5 in a long list of music museums worldwide that would be a joy for anyone to visit. When it comes to exploring the music we love and discovering more about the lives, careers, and experiences of the musicians that created the music, music museums are the place to be.



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